The Next-Generation Store System Uprising is here

Most large Retailers are still running store software that originates from the 1990s. Sound familiar? We love the 90’s… but it shouldn’t be running your stores in 2021. Enactor is the hyper-flexible Next-Generation Platform needed to keep stores relevant in today’s digitally connected world. We bring the technologies, tools and applications that Retailers need for implementing change rapidly and delivering on all the digitally-led customer journeys that are critical for the decade to come.

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What the Next-Generation Delivers…

Buy, Pay & Pick-up anywhere

Selling across all Touchpoints

Deliver journeys that span all devices, applications and touchpoints. The customer decides how they want to interact and purchase through common services and re-useable functions. The POS app itself is completely OS and device agnostic. The customer’s baskets can literally move with them, so that you can serve customers faster and they can check out anywhere in the store or digitally.

Cloud-Native & Fiscal-Ready

A Globally Scalable Platform

Designed from its inception to take any Retailer global regardless of how many, stores, brands or business units they have. One code-base, highly configurable and fully-cloud Native to scale perfectly with the Retailer. Plus, compliance to fit any country’s fiscalization and localization fully built-in by our dedicated fiscal team.

Hyper-Flexible Architecture

Continual Innovation and Speed of Change

In 2021 Retail, speed is everything. With our framework and technologies doing integrations and adding new features and functions can be done in days and weeks – not months. Developers get the benefit of our libraries of thousands of re-useable components as well as the tooling to glue it together.

Next-Generation Architecture

Headless Commerce Microservices

Single Transaction Engine

Enactor’s Headless Commerce fills the gap between online and offline, facilitating a connected digital journey via our Headless Microservices. This helps to perform customization and personalization without affecting each component, enabling you to keep up with the innovation, make rapid changes and move faster with consumer demands. This Headless model enables a way of providing a platform for a next-level Unified Commerce Experience.

Flow-Based & Tooling

Rapid Development & Integration

Monolithic systems make changes extremely difficult. The heavy lifting of raw code and bolting a lot of applications are not required with a microservice infrastructure. All Enactor applications are built with reusable flow-based architecture which facilitates timely customizations and developments as simple as a drag-and-drop process.

Headless & API-Driven POS

Your Web Devs can control the Front-end

We take Headless to the next-level. You can get complete control of the POS UI so your Web Developers can integrate their own Apps, JavaScript Components and Services with the POS front-end. Plus our modern API-Driven POS can be easily integrate to all those amazing services you are using in your Web World.

Click to see how Frasers are connecting all channels.

Click to see how O’Reilly Autoparts are Developing fast.

Click to see how JYSK are enabling Unified Commerce.

Unlock Revenue

Let Customers use their own Devices

Use common back-end Microservices and APIs to drive Apps where the customer is, including on their own Smartphones for Loyalty and Scan & Go.

Next-Generation Self-Checkout

Move away from the traditional SCO. Next-Gen Self-checkout is an open Architecture that can easily integrate into whatever customer journey & experience you need it to.

Unified Promotions & Loyalty

Manage and configure centralised Promotions and Loyalty Schemes for all channels on a single platform.

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Innovating Next-Gen Customers

Frasers Retail Group

Frasers Group are a Tier 1 International Retail Group bringing a single, flexible Platform to connect all touchpoints and bring continual innovation to their stores across all Global Retail Operations and brands.

Underpinning this amazing programme is Frasers embracing Rapid Innovation by becoming self-sufficient with Enactor’s Microservice Framework & Flow-based Tools.

O’Reilly Autoparts

O’Reilly are a large Autoparts Retailer with over 5,000 stores across the USA. O’Reilly are a Tools-led user of the Enactor’s Next-Generation Store Platform. They are using our highly-flexible flow-based Architecture and re-useable components to innovate fast and handle the complex integrations and processes they business demand.

JYSK & Dänisches Bettenlager

JYSK needed a highly flexible architecture to deliver all of their sophisticated customer journeys as part of their ambitious Unified Commerce strategy. We were the only ones who could do it. We’ve worked side-by-side with their Web Development team to unified experiences to customers across all touchpoints and stores.

The solution is truly global, spanning over 2,500 stores and over 30 countries.