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Enactor Unified Commerce Solutions

Enactor OMS

A single ordering engine delivering flexibility for both the retailer and the consumer, a sophisticated Cloud platform working between a retailer’s customer facing channels and back-end systems.

Enactor IM

Real-time visibility of inventory regardless of physical location. Can be stand alone or integrated with ERP systems. Runs on any device, including tablets and handheld devices.

Enactor Loyalty & Promotions

Enable complex and large scale loyalty and promotions. Delivers unique incentives at the individual order line item level at enormous scale.

Enactor Commerce Microservices

For the ultimate in customer experience, no longer restricted by inflexible IT, enable customers to buy anywhere and get delivery anywhere.

Enactor Payments

Accept payments from global institutions on any device in store, as well as quickly integrating new platforms such as Klarna. Fiscalisation across Europe completely supported.

Unified Commerce Customer Journeys with Enactor

Build seamless customer journeys that work across any channel and any device. Consumers shift effortlessly from online to instore to complete purchases.

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An open Platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing Retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

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We explain Headless Commerce and Enactor’s unique approach and technical Architecture to delivering Microservices that connect all the channels.

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Any large Retailer always has the Build or Buy dilemma on front of them. We break it down and explore a Hybrid solution.

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