Headless POS

Enactor POS but you control the Front-end

Get complete control of your Point of Sale Front-end/UI with modern Web Apps but retain the Power of Enactor POS and Processing Layer

Nail your experience

You get complete freedom to deploy a whole front-end which can have any other Apps you need to surface.

Retain the Power Enactor

You still get all of our POS functionality and configurability as well as all the flexibility of the underlying Enactor Framework & Tools

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Use your Web Tech and Developers

Your Web developers apply the full power of technologies like React, Vue or Angular JS on the POS front-end.

Retain the Enactor Deployability

You still get full cross platform support across iOS, Android, Linux and Windows with full Cloud-based, Thin-client, Thick client and Browser deployments.

Three ways to continually innovate yourselves with the Enactor Headless POS

An open Platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing Retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

Our Videos

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

The Enactor Toolkit

See why Enactor is so easy for retailers to manage themselves.

Enactor in Retail

Explore how Enactor drives exceptional experiences.

Enactor is the future of Store Systems

Infosheet: Enactor for Large & Global Retailers

Enactor is the key disrupting solution in Enterprise store and Unified Commerce where Retailers need a modern platform which makes integration and change far easier than legacy Platforms.

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Video: Global POS

Enactor is the Global Platform solution that gives flexibility and ease-of integration to enterprise Store systems.

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