Endless Aisle

A single pool of inventory across all channels.

Specialist applications for in-store

Enactor’s Order and Inventory Management enables a single view of inventory regardless of its physcial location. This means that in-store or online you have the same view of what’s available for customers to order, whether it’s from a staff perspective or the customer self-serving.

This enables “Save the Sale” options for customers when items are not physically in store, but may still be in the fulfilment network. This technology can be used as a bridge between your old POS and upgrading to a more modern POS, providing the ultimate in ATP while hiding the complexity from the consumer.

Meet Enactor

Enactor Endless Aisle

Enactor-JavaScript Bridge

Our Customers

Enactor works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers to deliver innovation in technology and customer experiences. 

Our Videos

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

The Enactor Toolkit

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Enactor in Retail

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Enactor for International Tier 1 retailers

See how Enactor supports large scale, global retailers to be independent and customer focused

No more monoliths

Enactor supports freedom for retailers to manage their own environments and remove the reliance on monolithic software providers

Managing Fiscalisation across Europe

What to consider when delpoying fiscalisation across multiple countries.

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