Estate Manager

Manage your global retail estate in one place. Giving retailers with thousands of stores complete control.

Innovative Retail Technology

Global real-time Control of all Stores

All Global stores and be configured, administered and enabled in
one place. Easily broadcast and distribute globally to any store, node
or device

Easy to use UIs and flows

No hacking configuration files. With Estate Manager configuring Stores is incredibly easy to do with our logical flows and Apps

Localisation and Fiscalisation made very simple

Estate Manager means that fiscal rules, local regulations and tax are implemented
in just minutes. Easily add and apply new fiscalisation or rules to devices and
stores in our menus

Meet Enactor

Fully Cloud and Docker enabled

Deploy centrally in AWS and Microsoft Azure. Optimise performance and streamline
deployment with Docker Containers. Use Enactor Cloud deployment tools to deploy in just

Easy integration with Web API’s and Message Queues

Enactor Estate Manager leverages the Enactor Platforms Microservices and Rich API layers.
So getting data in and out of the system is easy to build and configure. A must for modern

Easily control Roles and Permissions

Roles, Permissions and authorizations are easily configurable. Your system can be lockdown on the
right laces and the right ways to ensure agility is coupled with security ensuring business continuity.

Our Customers

Enactor works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers to deliver innovation in technology and customer experiences. 

Our Videos

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

The Enactor Toolkit

See what makes Enactor so easy for retailers to manage themselves.

Enactor in Retail

Explore how Enactor creates exceptional experiences.

Enactor for International Tier 1 retailers

See how Enactor supports large scale, global retailers to be independent and customer focused

No more monoliths

Enactor supports freedom for retailers to manage their own environments and remove the reliance on monolithic software providers

Managing Fiscalisation across Europe

What to consider when delpoying fiscalisation across multiple countries.

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