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Phygital Revolution

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Flexible Omnichannel
Order Management!

Bringing the physical and digital world together
providing customers with a unified experience
across online and offline touchpoints.

We are entering the world of Phygital, where there is physical and digital worlds are completely connected.

Contactless retail is here to stay. We are seeing increased demand
for click & collect and ship-from-store as customers want to save their time and
cost. Adding to that, COVID 19 pandemic has shed new light on the importance of
omnichannel journeys and how customers will turn more towards click & collect,
ship from store. With Enactor OMS, retailers can get a single omnichannel
platform that supports any customer ordering journey allowing them to provide
seamless customer experience.

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Business Benefits

It Gives Stores Extra Relevance And Revenue Opportunities

Retailers can get better yield from the stock in stores (stock that is in the store is now available for online customers).

Better And Faster
Fulfillment Options

Store stock can fulfil in-store purchases and also online orders by acting as mini-distribution centres (warehouse), simultaneously.

Eg: If a warehouse is 50 miles away from a customer’s home, but the nearest site is 3 miles from his home, an efficient OMS can use the nearest store’s stock to fulfil that order and deliver it soon. That is 47 miles less in delivery which drastically reduces the delivery time. Retailers can promise customers same day delivery which is easier, cheaper and quicker.

Flexibility About Where You
Source Stock For Orders

Different retailers have different business

Eg 1 : Rules at Christmas are different to
your business rules in the summer.
Eg 2: DIY stores have their peak on Easter
Weekend, whereas a department store has its peak during Christmas

Retailers can continue to use their stores to
fulfil orders even during a pandemic.
Eg: Dark stores.


As the entire order fulfillment process is
automated, handling orders is less time
consuming and creating far less human errors.

Anywhere, Anytime Ordering

Enactor OMS enables Omnichannel
Retailing. Hence retailers can order
anywhere, anytime and anyhow by custom
creating their own customer journeys and
deciding on how the products get
delivered to their hands, as it merges the
physical and the online world.

Seamless Customer Journeys

The OMS is the key facilitator that can
provide an uninterrupted journey to all
customers. As today’s customer journeys are non linear, they can browse online and complete the transaction either in-store or choose an option like curbside pick up.

A Flexible Single Platform

Our system can be customized by the
retailers to build their ideal version (agility).
It provides the flexibility to pick and choose
the solutions like endless aisle, clienteling,
CRM according to the business
requirement at a given time.

Single Inventory Pool

A single pool of inventory enables retailers to
treat stock as one single lot of goods,
regardless of their physical location and This
enables customers to source their inventory
from any global location of the retailer based
on its availability.

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Global/Central inventory

This inventory management tool is crucial for retailers to view their inventory from all over the world accumulated into a single pool. It helps them to convert to dark stores if needed and ship from anywhere.

Inventory management
in store Apps

Managing inventory in store. Receiving good, sending good, receiving and sending orders. Pick list.

Endless Aisle

Retailers can give their customers the option of running a rich product search scraping through the entire store/stores and finding where that item is available and in which varieties, quantities, etc.


Allows retailers to establish a long-term relationship with their customers based on their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Thereby providing a personalized shopping experience.

Integration with
Payment options

We accept various payment options from cash, credit, cash/card on delivery, store credit, gift vouchers, loyalty points, etc. Thus, the customer has the liberty to choose from various payment options.

Real-time stock

This inventory management tool helps retailers and customers, for both in stores and for online transactions. They can see real-time stock adjustments before placing orders and making payments. These inventory data and accuracy of the stock availability is directly linked with increased customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Mixed Baskets

Customers can discover more ways to rearrange their shopping carts and order items as per their customized needs to make purchases. They can decide when they are going to purchase (now or save for later) and how they are going to pay for it (cash/credit/store credit).

Eg: In one POS transaction you buy something to take with you AND you can order something or return something.

The Enactor Business
Process Designer

This carries out the execution flows between all applications to orchestrate the entire order by assigning job tasks to the users and directing them on what needs to be done. It is responsible for the designing of the order’s lifecycle.

Eg: If a customer has ordered online to get goods delivered to his house, then BPD will map out the flow, assign job tasks to the relevant users and integrate with 3rd party systems if needed all whilst matching the rules of a given business.