Project Description

Alan Townsend

Director of Sales & Marketing

About Alan
Alan is an industry veteran with extensive experience in leading aggressive growths in Technology Solutions providing organisations. He has a unique skill set in sales leadership, business and finance, where he worked at the board level for multiple category leaders, both internationally and in the UK. He has led highly successful sales engagement into some of the largest companies in the world, via both direct and through channels.

Alan’s Previous Education & Experience

Alan’s rich academic excellence comes from his studies in Bachelors in Accountancy, Managerial Finance, Commercial Law & Economics from the University of Rhodesia.

His work experience comes as a Sales Director & the Head of New Business at BT Expedite, Director – Major Clients at The Logic Group, Director – Retail Division at Wincor Nixdorf UK & the Managing Director – Middle East Africa Region at Sun Microsystems. He now serves as the Global Director of Sales & Marketing at Enactor, where his innovative thinking and management style is a catalyst of change.

His passion ultimately revolves around creating value for all customers, the organisations he works for, and the people & partners who work with him.

Outside of Work
Alan is a history boffin with a particular passion for World War II and the Cold War period. This has now extended into war gaming for which he and his son have now created their own war game. His other passions involve music, especially collecting vinyl for which he now has over a thousand.

Enactor Solution Overview

A short overview of the amazing Enactor Platform and what you can do with it.

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Enactor OMS

An introduction to Enactor OMS and how it links all channels and stores with distributed order management.

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