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Published On: August 3rd, 2021


Royal Voluntary Service selects Enactor and PMC for their new, UK-wide Digital Payment Solution

Royal Voluntary Service has selected Enactor and PMC to provide a digital payment solution for their hospital shops, cafes and trolleys


Royal Voluntary Service is one of the leading UK volunteering charities and largest hospital retailer with shops, cafés and trolley services run by local staff and volunteers in England, Wales and Scotland. Their volunteers are at the very heart of the NHS, providing a range of services and support in hospitals to free up NHS staff time for patient care and provide much needed refreshments and essentials.

More recently, the charity in partnership with NHS England and GoodSAM App responded to the pandemic and set up the NHS Volunteer Responder programme. To date, they have mobilised an army of volunteers to carry out more than 2 million tasks to support the NHS and people affected by COVID-19 as well as to help at vaccination sites. The programme represents a volunteering revolution, using technology to register, alert and deploy volunteers quickly, wherever needed.

Looking to the Future

To take their shops and cafes to the next digital level, Enactor has been selected by Royal Voluntary Service to implement a new sales trading platform. Customer experience will be improved and amongst other things, it will provide a digital payment solution for patients buying items from the charity’s on-ward trolley service.

As the first certified partner, with the experience of several Enactor implementations, the charity has selected PMC to deliver the Enactor solution through a short, well-managed project, which will see the solutions configured and implemented.

Post implementation, there will be a seamless transition, with PMC providing Managed Services to manage and maintain the solution through the coming years, and help continuous change to drive new services and purchase experiences.

In partnership with Enactor, PMC looks forward to working together with Royal Voluntary Service and getting this new project started!

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