Next-Generation POS & MPOS

Any Operating System, any device, Microservice-built

Innovative Retail Technology

Single Platform for Mobile and Fixed POS

One seamless platform for any device and integrating e-commerce. Order and Inventory Management also available on the same platform.

Global and Fiscal

Enactor POS and Mobile POS is fully Globalised, supporting any number of languages, currencies and taxes etc. We also have a dedicated Fiscal team building and maintaining fiscalisations from across the globe.

Endless Aisle and Clientelling

Out of the box Endless Aisle Ordering and Clientelling. Real-time data from any Enactor or third-party application can be brought into these to provide real-time information to engage with the customer, look-up Global Inventory levels or Save-the-Sale with orders.

Meet Enactor

Single Platform Android, iOS, Windows and Linux

Any in-store device can be supported as Enactor is OS agnostic, existing devices can be accommodated, as well as a mix of devices and OS in-store.

Easily Bring in External Services

As a fully Microservice POS Platform it is easy to bring in external Services and Functions. These can be Enactor or Third Party services. Let’s co-develop together to bring in Services like Diary, Subscriptions or anything!

Single Microservice Basket engine

Microservices enabled basket engine delivers the utmost in basket functionality. Build baskets using any combination of customer and product information, and move wishlists and baskets between channels, stores and devices.

Our Customers

Enactor works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers to deliver innovation in technology and customer experiences. 

Our Videos

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

The Enactor Toolkit

See why Enactor is so easy for retailers to manage themselves.

Enactor in Retail

Explore how Enactor drives exceptional experiences.

Enactor for International Tier 1 retailers

See how Enactor supports large scale, global retailers to be independent and customer focused

No more monoliths

Enactor supports freedom for retailers to manage their own environments and remove the reliance on monolithic software providers

Managing Fiscalisation across Europe

What to consider when delpoying fiscalisation across multiple countries.

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