Enactor Order Management System

Order anywhere, fulfil anywhere

Order Anywhere, Fulfil from Anywhere (OAFA) is a transformational approach to commerce that enhances operational efficiencies whilst redefining customer engagement. The unified OAFA approach places the Customers central to commerce and provides a best-in-class service increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, choice and conversion.

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What is Enactor OMS


Establish a single source of truth on

orders across all channels.


Get a real-time single view of inventory with unprecedented visualisation

and control over your stock across channels and locations.

Order Orchestration
Reporting & BI

Orchestrate orders utilising inventory

across diverse channels and locations.

Full Omnichannel Distributed Omnichannel Order Management

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Treat inventory as a single pool

On our single platform, inventory can be managed as a single pool, regardless of its physical location. Goods can be in store, in a DC or even in transit. They can be made available to any channel and any customer.

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Cloud-based & scalable

Enable a single view and operations of Orders in a Cloud environment that can scale as business activity grows. You deploy our Order containers in our Cloud or yours.

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Optimise inventory use

Enables the ability to have total control of how an order is to be fulfilled, no matter how complex the customer journey and order process is.

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Stores become your greatest asset again

Stores can now be a key part of your Omnichannel strategy as well as a critical part of your online operations. When you can use store stock in the orders journey, they can become your greatest asset once again.

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Flexible & API-driven

As an algorithm and API-based single platform, it is an engine that enables retailers to allow the customer to easily order from wherever, however and to anywhere they want.

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Automate ALL Journeys

Simplify and automate the process of ordering regardless of what journey the customer takes. We provide processes for Click & Collect & Curbside Pick-up out of the box.

provides all customer Journeys

Finally merge the physical and the digital and turn stores in to your greatest asset once again.

Where ever the
customer buys

Over the phone
In store kiosk
Instore Mobile POS

Distributed centre
store stock
Straight from supplier
straight from factory

Wherever the
stock comes

it is paid

Upfront card transaction
Split Paymnet
Upon Fulfilment
Upon confirmation
With Deposit

Where ever the customer buys

Delivered to home
Delivered to work
Collected in store
Picked-up point
To nearby store

Integrated Hub
between all back-end
and Fulfillment systems

Allows retailers to
leverage store stock
live warehouse


Business Process Engine

Orchestrate long-running business processes with our execution engine. This engine acts as the glue between different systems and human tasks.

Low-code toolkit

Make changes to current process or create new ones using reusable components and a drag & drop set of utilities.

A Rich set of APIs

Enactor exposes a rich set of APIs for orders, inventory and other domains. This includes REST APIs, cloud messaging and message queues.

What it Delivers

Unifying all channels
and inventory

Single Ordering Engine for All Channels and customer Journeys.

Particularly Powerful for Retailers with Stores treating all Stock as a single Pool of Inventory.

Sales Conversion

Facilitates cutting edge functionality for fulfillment – such as ship from Store.

Boosts conversion rates of


In-Store Applications for Bespoke Ordering Journeys and Processes.


Highly Configurable at every level using Configuration and Building Tools.

Fully Microservices Built and Cloud Ready in AWS or Azure.

Manipulate algorithms to quickly shift the business model.

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