Enactor Hospitality

Bringing a new
Unified Commerce
approach to Hospitality

The Enactor platform provides a fully integrated system for connected journeys starting from the customer’s smartphone through to the POS and into the Kitchen.

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Cloud Hospitality

Table Management

Enactor Hospitality’s table management Point of Service helps restaurateurs perform high-quality table service around the restaurant or bar.


Enactor Hospitality supports omni-channel pre-ordering for takeaway. This allows staff to administer orders and confirm them for fulfilment.


Order statuses and kitchen management. Effective management tools for chefs.

Quick Service / Bar

The quick service configuration targeted for bars and cafés. The grid style products are ideal for serving customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Enactor builds TouchPoint applications for any platform or device and are agnostic to operating systems.

Consumer App

Ordering, loyalty and payment direct
from customer app.

How is this POSsible

Enactor Toolkit

Enhance and create new applications that run alongside the Enactor standard applications.

Estate Manager

A set of 200 central applications that control and manage the retailer’s entire Enterprise estate.

Hospitality Enhancements Update

UI for Samsung Phone as order-taker for each waiter

Enhancement Updates - 1
  • Added ability for taking orders on a hand held mobile.


Enhancement Updates - 4
  • View all items currently on order in the restaurant or just applicable items for that preparation station.

  • Course preparation timers to alert if food preparation has been taking too long.

  • Ability to customise the layout of the tickets (backoffice as well as on the device).

  • Ability to centrally view multiple kitchen display stations.


Enhancement Updates - 7
  • Support additional item in basket for gratuity (% or fixed amount).

Mobile Menu

Enhancement Updates - 10
  • Ability to search through a given menu for items.

  • Ability to search for a table by name/number.


Enhancement Updates - 2
  • Easily capture allergen details using new database entities not just notes.

  • Hold allergen details on the product file and alert if an allergen conflicts with diners known allergies.

  • Bigger alert if we get an allergen “hit”(Pop-up and override).

  • Ability to enquire on POS about allergen and nutrition information for a product or whole transaction.

Ordering view

Enhancement Updates - 1
  • Ability to see seating positions when taking an order.

  • Ability to reorder seating positions.


Enhancement Updates - 8
  • Ability to change price of items on the POS and distribute to other POS.


Enhancement Updates - 11
  • Configurable input of calories per portion.

Integration with SevenRooms (3rd party restaurant reservation system

Enhancement Updates - 3
  • Ability to seat an existing reservation and extract customer loyalty and allergen details.

  • Ability to bring back specific reservation and customer notes.


Enhancement Updates - 1
  • Ability to change menu items on the POS and distribute to other POS.

Support Parked

Enhancement Updates - 9
  • Park a transaction – free up the table and settle the transaction at a later date.

Some customer examples

Harrods Restaurants

Enactor runs across all Harrods’ 25+ restaurant, bars and other hospitality service points in the Knightsbridge store. Our flexible platform allows for specific menus, devices and process flows depending on the type of location you are in.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium

Enactor runs the hospitality and retail software in Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium-of-the-future. Our single platform drives several hundred hospitality service areas from the VIP suits to the fan concourse.

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