The Enactor Story

From Technologists to International Disruptors

The soul of Enactor is in Retail technology. We at Enactor are, at heart, technologists who are in the Retail industry to deliver solutions that empower Retailers for the long term. The leadership team at Enactor have hundreds of man-years of experience in this sector. Much of Enactor’s heritage has come from our CEO and founder Mike Carrell. Mike and his team have been involved in many store systems companies over the last 30 years including with the successful Retail-J product which they started and ran in the 2000s. However it was clear that the fast-evolving technologies of the last decade was a driver for a new kind of platform.

As a response to this, Enactor started by building a flexible set of development tools for Retailers to use in order to deliver specialised applications for Retailers. Originally we only provided our, amazingly flexible, drag & drop development Toolkit which also provided components for us or our customer to put together apps for their stores. This then evolved into the applications themselves, and Enactor re-entered the POS and, the now, unified commerce space with completely different type of platform. Since 2017 has seen Enactor take off with successful adoption in several large Retail organisations such as JYSK, Macy’s, Specsavers and Frasers Group and many others. Today, Enactor boasts one of the leading products in the global market and a customer base that spans 35 countries across Europe, APAC, North America and Latin America.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Retailers with the solutions to keep them moving fast in a digitally connected world. Whether this means enabling Retailers to be technically capable of the full Enactor stack or providing ready-to-go applications hosted by us, we want the combination of our products and technology to empower Retailers to stay ahead over the long term.

Our Models

We offer two models around the solution both based in the same standard, out-of-the-box product. Enactor On Demand is a cloud-hosted model where we run Enactor central components in the cloud. Enactor Enterprise is where we train customers on how to deploy and develop on top of the platform themselves. Whichever model Retailers go with, Enactor helps them to adopt a way of working that enables them to accelerate the the deployment of new functionality.

Where we work

Our Global Locations

World Map

Enactor House (Salisbury House)
1 Bluecoats Avenue,
Hertford SG14 1PB,
United Kingdom

+44 1992 661315

845 Sentry Ridge Xing,
Georgia 30024.


Colombo Office
No. 14 Philip Gunewardena Mw
Colombo 07

+94 112 689 183

Galle Office
No. 147, 3rd & 4th Floor,

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Kandy Office
Nos. 967 & 969/1,
Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mw,

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