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Published On: August 25th, 2022


5 reasons to embrace a Headless OMS for
fashion retailers

Before the emergence of digitisation, deliveries could take up to several weeks and delays were considered normal. But now with digitalisation where customers get almost everything done with a few taps on their electronic devices, waiting days upon days for their deliveries is no longer an acceptable option for them. One of the top demands from modern day consumers is faster delivery and order fulfilment. Interestingly they are more than happy to pay a little extra for same day delivery.

Why does headless OMS platform bring more benefits for a retailer than a
traditional OMS?

A retailer’s success is ultimately defined by the ability to get desired goods into the customers’ hands in a timely manner. But this undoubtedly comes as a challenge for retailers in the face of technological disruption where you need to manage your inventory efficiently and cost effectively across hundreds and thousands of brands, verticles and customer channels.

With increased demand for various order fulfilment models such as curbside pickup, click & collect, ship from store and buy now pay later (BOPL), accurate inventory tracking and integration across all channels has become crucial to make customers happy.

A robust OMS helps retailers with inventory management and hinders the changes of customer fragmentation due to late deliveries and poor order fulfilment.

The advantages for retailers of using a headless OMS

Headless OMS means that the front-end presentation layers, such as apps and websites are separated from the back-end of your OMS, where the crucial data and transaction happen.

This delivers the agility and flexibility retailers need to customise inventory, promotions, the quantities presented based on channel, store or even the customer themselves while the back-end engine continues to run without any disruption to the data and transactions. Very impressive!

A headless OMS like Enactor can deliver you even more benefits.

1. Bridging the physical and digital worlds together

With Enactor OMS, retailers can get a single omnichannel platform that supports any customer ordering journey allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience. A customer can start their journey online and complete it in-store. They can buy/exchange/return anywhere and anyhow they want.

2. Improved and fast fulfilment options

The Enactor OMS can source goods from the nearest inventory location, allowing retailers to guarantee customers cheaper and faster same-day deliveries.

Retailers can switch entirely to operating as dark stores during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic to generate more cash by acting as a distribution centre. It enables an adaptive fulfilment strategy that makes use of in-store inventory in a variety of ways to improve order fulfilment.

3. Easy Integration with other applications

Order management requires constant communication between multiple systems and applications. The Enactor OMS enables retailers to easily integrate with other applications, where retailers can do their own integrations around Enactor solutions and extend to third party applications.

4. Easy automation tools

Enactor OMS gives the flexibility needed to automate a complicated order process. Our Business Process Designer allocates tasks, issues direction and designs the flow of a seamless order lifecycle

5. Single Pool of Inventory

Inventory can be managed as a single pool with Enactor OMS rather than being restricted to a particular location. Regardless of their physical locations, it treats all of a retailer’s stocks, whether they are in-store, in a distribution centre, or in transit, as one lot and merges them into a single pool of inventory, enabling them to be made available to any channel and any customer.


Having a next-generation headless OMS that provides accurate real-time information and visibility throughout the inventory to better manage them and make them available to customers is the actual key to effective order fulfilment.

If you are curious to see how Enactor can optimise your order fulfilment and business success we’d love to hear from you.

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