Enactor Self Checkout

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Enactor Self Checkout is the flexible self-service platform for retailers of any vertical. Our SCO can be used on its own, in tandem with Enactor POS or even alongside legacy, third-party POS applications. Enactor Self Checkout has been built, configured and extended in the exact same way as all other Enactor applications and delivers many of the same omnichannel benefits and capabilities.

Next Generation SCO delivered with two deployment options:

Enactor next generation self checkout platform

Delivered with two deployment options:

Enactor has full control

We drive the full application including the User Interface (UI) and peripherals. The UI is extensible however you like either. Switch seamlessly between Enactor SCO and the Enactor POS for manager mode. Easily make change to process with the Enactor Toolkit and configuration tools.

Driving third-party SCO hardware

Enactor integrates with your hardware, which provides the User Interface and peripheral integration itself. Leverage existing Enactor APIs and functions in the background and generate the exact transactions as Enactor POS & MPOS.

Enactor SCO Benefits

Legacy self checkout system

Hardware Runs the screens &
drives peripherals

Latest/New Way

Current/Old Way

Enactor User Interface + Responsive to different screens

Enactor next generation self checkout


Frictionless Sales

Omnichannel Journeys

Cross-platform Deployment

RFID Scanning

Moveable Basket

Flexible Tender Options


Automatic Promotions

Enactor Toolkit

Built-with the Enactor Toolkit

Rapid Development & Integration

Like all Enactor application’s, Enactor Self Checkout has been built with a reusable, flow-based architecture which facilitates faster developments via drag-and-drop tooling.

Control the User Experience

Perfect the customer experience to match your exact requirements and desired process flows. Extend the user interface using our Web-based front-end.

API-Driven Front-end

Call any service and API you need to deliver a real-time connected omnichannel experience. Leverage our open architecture to plug Enactor SCO into your wider digital landscape.


Quick product scanning feature



Fast and secure payment option



Swift transaction completion


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