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Published On: June 8th, 2020


Before you try VR, get your customer touchpoints in order

Retailers are working hard to attract customers in store, and exciting new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offer great ways to do that, however if you’ve not got all your customer touchpoints connected, these technologies may fall foul of form vs function. Worse, they may not allow you to deliver on the customer expectation and provide a lumpy, awkward experience.


Retailers, such as Pottery Barn in the US are releasing AR led apps that let customers place furniture and accessories into their room at the swipe of a finger, which is a really great service for customers.

With apps though, you need to make sure that the customer interaction with that app is connected to your e-commerce and your CRM, in order to take full advantage of the information their interaction is providing.

Sounds challenging, but a platform with micro web services can do that without huge, complex integrations.


GM in the US has launched an in-car service that lets people order coffee from their car, having a brand leverage this is going to be near impossible for most legacy technologies without a nimble platform where you can quickly add a connector to facilitate the transaction, connecting directly to your central e-commerce and CRM.


The latest, sexiest term in technology circles, is the AI dream. Unless you’ve gathered all the information in one place about your customers, the learning from AI will be limited. Connecting data from all customer touchpoints, both assisted and un-assisted, from the complete customer journey gives you insights like never before. For example, allowing a consumer to start a wishlist on their phone, then present instore and translate to an order – sounds easy, but most retailers can’t do this easily.

Make sure you’re covering the basics when it comes to supporting innovation. Customer led innovation is great, and very exciting and can be very effective, but only if it’s built on a solid foundation and connected to the rest of your business.


Enactor provides the technology that enables seamless customer journeys. If the customer demands it, we can make it happen. Our services enabled platform allows you to quickly adapt the customer journey by inserting new or improved touchpoints on the fly, all connected to your legacy systems.

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