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Published On: April 19th, 2024


Enactor & Harrods collaborate during a blue sky brainstorming session

We are pleased to share the outcome of a recent collaborative brainstorming session between Enactor and our esteemed customer, Harrods. Hosted at the renowned Mosimann in London, the primary aim of our session was to brainstorm a wide array of ideas and solutions that could enhance our joint endeavours. With focused discussions and creative input, the session proved to be highly fruitful!

Enactor and Harrods Session - Image 01
Enactor and Harrods Session - Image 02
Enactor and Harrods Session - Image 03

Charting the course ahead

From the many proposed ideas, several distinct solutions emerged as potential candidates for integration into our joint initiatives. These solutions encompass enhancements to customer experiences and improvements in backend operations, offering promising avenues for our collaboration.

Informing future IT strategy

Throughout our session, common themes surfaced, providing valuable insights for shaping our joint IT strategy moving forward. These shared concepts will serve as the foundation for developing robust and adaptable solutions aligned with the evolving needs of our partnership.

Looking ahead

As we reflect on the success of our brainstorming session, we are encouraged by the strengthened synergy between Enactor and Harrods. In the spirit of collaboration and advancement, we are eager to translate these ideas into action and unlock new possibilities together.

Here’s to a future marked by innovation, growth, and mutual achievement!

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