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Published On: October 24th, 2023


Enactor Sri Lanka’s double delight: Enactor’s Paduru Party and Cricket Fiesta

Enactorians of Sri Lanka got the chance to let their hair down and live it up with a fun Paduru Party night that had lots of food, singing and dancing all night long! The food was incredible, the singing impeccable and we’re thrilled to have had this night to bond with fellow colleagues after hours.

Enactor Paduru Party 2023
Enactorians Enjoying the Paduru Party 2023
Enactor Paduru Party 2023
Enactorian Cricketers at the Cricket Fiesta
Enactor Cricket Team at the Cricket Fiesta
Enactorians at the Indoor Cricket Fiesta

Our Enactorian cricketers were also able to flex their sporting abilities as we took part in the Indoor Cricket Fiesta 2023 where we competed with 32 companies. ‘Twas an incredible event where we got to mingle with other companies and engage in a friendly game of our island’s favourite sport.

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