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Published On: June 26th, 2024


Enactor shines at NRF APAC 2024 in Singapore

What did we learn from NRF APAC 2024?

Enactor recently attended and showcased our Next-Generation solutions at NRF’s inaugural APAC event, held in Singapore from June 11-13, 2024. Here are some key highlights from our successful participation:

Innovative Solutions and Demos

Our latest omnichannel capabilities, RFID solutions and the Enactor Enterprise model resonated exceptionally well with the APAC market! Our Self-Checkout (SCO) system’s user-friendly design and real-time functionality captivated attendees. The hands-on demos of our Next-Gen POS allowed participants to experience its ease of use and powerful capabilities firsthand. Notably, our concise 15-minute demos were a standout, impressing many visitors by effectively conveying the benefits and features of our solutions in a short amount of time.

Engaging with the Community

The event provided an excellent platform for interacting with existing customers and new prospects. Key buzzwords like RFID, Convenience Shopping, Omnichannel and Self-Checkout were central to our discussions, reflecting the current trends and needs in the Retail and Hospitality industries.

Learning and Insights

Our team attended several insightful sessions, gaining valuable knowledge that will help us continue to innovate and meet industry demands. The feedback and interest from retailers and other stakeholders reaffirmed the strength of our solutions and their alignment with market needs.

We are excited about the opportunities this event has opened and look forward to returning next year!.