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Published On: April 19th, 2024


Introducing Enactor’s React-Powered Customer Display for POS & SCO

Customer engagement is crucial in modern retail. Enactor is set to enhance in-store experiences with its latest innovation: the React-powered Customer POS display.

Transforming In-Store Experiences

Enactor aims to empower clients by enhancing the in-store customer experience. Leveraging React technology, our new POS display offers a dynamic user interface, seamlessly integrating into diverse retail environments.

Real-Time Engagement, Real-Time Trust

Imagine this; each transaction happens before the customer’s eyes in real-time. As items are added to the basket, promotions are applied and the subtotal updates. Transaction changes are recorded as well, building transparency and engagement.

Customised Promotional Content

During idle moments, our display becomes a canvas for customised promotional content. Clients can tailor messages to their unique offerings, with captivating visuals and enticing offers, precisely when it matters most.

Exciting Developments Ahead

This development is already underway, promising a feature-rich solution. Supported on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, our display ensures compatibility across various platforms. Stay tuned for more details on functionality in the upcoming M3 release of our software version 2.7.

Enactor’s React-powered Customer POS display is poised to enhance customer interactions, offering unparalleled engagement and transparency.

Keep an eye on this space for further updates on this innovative solution.

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