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Published On: May 3rd, 2021
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Enactor Joins the MACH Alliance & what does MACH mean for retailers?

We have big news! Enactor is now an official member of the MACH Alliance. A recent, best-of-breed Enterprise Technology alliance where leading software Vendors and integrators have banded together to promote the best, modern architectural approach and fight vendor disinformation on technologies.

What is MACH?

Established in 2020, the MACH alliance was launched to advocate a Future Proof enterprise technology approach, propelling current and future digital experiences, which are structured to be open and connected. To put it simply, the MACH architecture is composed of four technology principles to deliver agile and nimble architecture.

The acronym MACH, stands for:

M – Microservices: Loosely coupled business functionality & are independently deployable
A – API first: Granular intermediation & integration between interfaces & applications
C – Cloud Native SaaS: Leverage full cloud native engineering to run, host, expand & scale
H – Headless: Decoupling of front-end & back-end enabling complete design freedom

Why is the MACH alliance needed?

Eradicate inefficient legacy systems: Rigid Enterprise Suites are still being pushed through by aggressive software giants that cater to one-size-fits-all developments. They come fabricated as agile and only take a toll on the retailer’s ROI & TCO in the long run. These age old systems are a misfit in terms of both flexibility and functionality in today’s need-driven market context. Thus, MACH based developments are the end to legacy systems & its inefficiencies.

Prevent vendor disinformation: The MACH Alliance is the professional certification any software vendor can earn in terms of validating their business’s engineering authenticity. Many software companies market false information about their systems and processes to be MACH based. In order to pursue the truth and mark legitimacy among multiple software vendors, the MACH alliance is the best governing body.

Create a community of innovation: To succeed is to keep innovating. The MACH alliance is a key driver of constant evaluation of technological products which push the Digital Transformation. It is a great common ground to plug complimentary vendor solutions together along with the companies who can implement and make a difference. These synergies help reshape the innovation curve for the best interests of all the customers, retailers & the industry as a whole.

Why is this important for Retailers?

Enhanced customer experience: MACH is inevitably the most flexible & efficient software engineering architecture there is. This elementary brilliance helps retailers to move fast with agility, allows singular customer catering and facilitates micro changes to POS or any UI.The hyper-flexible nature of MACH is key to serving all non-linear customer journeys & acing the customer experience. Thus MACH inherently caters to maximising customer satisfaction.

Securing revenue: The marvel of MACH engineering is its hyperflexibility and agility. This lucrative combination for retailers is key for serving all customers with personalization, at any given point in the customer journey. When big retailers cater to personalized needs such as clienteling and smart basket suggestions, the seamless experience potentially leads to customer loyalty and retention. This guaranteed retention ultimately secures more revenue and loyal customers as opposed to market rivals.

Cost cutting: The MACH architecture is natively a ‘composable enterprise’. Which essentially means that every element of software is easily modifiable. The most interesting part about MACH is that this architecture doesn’t require any specialized, third party expertise or software vendors to do changes. The inhouse IT team themselves can easily do adjustments as its flow-based, headless Microservices. In times of frequent change, this self-sufficiency is a massive cost cutting strategy and a long term investment.


The MACH alliance is undoubtedly one of the best things that happened to the modern IT industry. Today’s market concentration of needs is significantly customer centric. Thus in a need-driven market, IT heads hunt for technological agility, and the appetite is MACH!