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Published On: November 3rd, 2021

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Say Hi to Ranga
A Technical Delivery Manager at Enactor!

Ranga is leading the Enactor Payments Solution team. Major retail brands rely on this payments solution to carry out their day-to-day transactions. His team works together to ensure one seamless payment experience for our Enactor clients.

He is known for his lending-a-hand attitude to anyone that reaches out to him as he puts helping people on his top priority list. Apart from his work commitment, Ranga is quite the man when it comes to his time spent off-duty. He enjoys engaging in social gatherings with colleagues and likes to have a good time.

Here’s a video that reveals some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about him!

Meeting Ranga!Meeting Ranga!Meeting Ranga!Meeting Ranga!Meeting Ranga!

Meeting Ranga!


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