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Published On: May 31st, 2024


Understanding and overcoming technology challenges faced by modern Retailers today

Recently, Enactor attended various technology trade shows worldwide. These events, along with insights gained from our extensive work with diverse clients, enabled us to connect with a wide range of Retailers and identify common challenges they face globally.

Here’s what we learned:

Cutting Ties with Legacy Systems

Decoupling from legacy technology can be challenging for Retailers. Even when they recognise the need for change, finding a reliable vendor to guide them through the transition can be difficult. Many vendors may not offer the modern features required by today’s Retailers, leaving businesses stuck between outdated systems and limited options for advancement. Overcoming this hurdle demands careful consideration and strategic planning.

Limitations in Extending Solutions

Retailers often encounter limitations in extending their solutions. While some solutions claim to be highly configurable and API-driven, promising seamless integration into any web application or API within their digital landscape, the reality often falls short. Retailers find themselves dealing with rigid systems that struggle to adapt to their evolving needs. This lack of flexibility hinders growth, preventing retailers from fully leveraging their technology investments to remain competitive in the dynamic market.

Ensuring Seamless Integration Across All Channels

Retailers frequently struggle with achieving seamless integration across all channels, a key aspect of omnichannel retailing. While omnichannel promises a unified customer experience across various touchpoints, practical implementation can be complex. Ensuring that the system functions well across online platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, mobile apps, and other channels requires robust integration capabilities and a cohesive strategy. Without seamless integration, Retailers risk inconsistencies in pricing, inventory management, and customer service, ultimately impacting the overall customer experience and their bottom line.

Providing Personalised Experiences

Delivering personalised experiences is an element Retailers often find challenging. Personalised promotions, tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviours, can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, implementing such targeted strategies require unified data analytics across all channels and touchpoints. Without these capabilities, Retailers may miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with their customers on a personal level.

Enhancing Store Operational Efficiencies

Improving store operational efficiencies is another critical area for Retailers. Store tech like Mobile POS and Self-Checkout can streamline operations, reduce wait times, and enhance the shopping experience. Mobile POS systems allow staff to assist customers and process transactions anywhere in the store, while Self-Checkout options provide customers with a faster, more convenient way to complete their purchases. Implementing these technologies requires careful planning and integration, but the benefits can be substantial, leading to increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What challenges do you face as a Retailer?