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Published On: March 24th, 2022


Enactor shines the spotlight on Lindex’s digital and organisational transformation.

Lindex will join Enactor on the conference podium at the Retail Technology Show, London to share its journey and lessons learnt so far as it embraces a new agile way of working to unleash faster innovation and winning products into their 400+ stores.

The Swedish based, European retailer is currently introducing a new mobile POS solution and undergoing a hugely complex digital transformation in its 400+ stores across Europe. By working with Enactor, Lindex has been able to accelerate its omnichannel retail by integrating its multiple brands, verticals and fiscalisations onto a single unified commerce platform giving the business unprecedented flexibility and control over their digital destiny .

Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022

Enactor & Lindex address the ‘need for speed’ at RTS 2022

Day 1 Conference Talk

Tuesday 26th April 2022, 14:25pm
Headline Theatre

Case study: The Need for Speed

Enhancing Omnichannel Retail By Prioritising
A Culture Of Organisational Agility

Gain an insight into the challenges and lesson learnt when:

Evaluating the technology, tools and culture that help retailers become faster and more flexible

Bridging the gap between technology and people to implement a new agile way of working

Understanding the fresh thinking, challenges, risks and compromises of prioritising organisational agility

Aligning people, technology and finance under a common objective to enhance the omnichannel experience

Assessing the business, technology and customer benefits for retailers who want to deliver Unified Commerce and
omnichannel solutions in store themselves.




Julius Carrell

Head of Enterprise Sales at Enactor


Florian Westerdahl

CTO at Lindex


Therese Blom

Sales Channels Operations Manager at Lindex


To attend the talk,
visit the Retail Technology Show website for your free ticket,

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Enactor Media contact:

Julius Carrell

Head of Enterprise

07896 009033

About Enactor

Enactor is revolutionising the retail industry through its disruptive unified e-commerce platform, providing progressive retailers with a more nimble alternative to their legacy monolithic systems.

As a trusted vendor and MACH Alliance Member, global brands rely on Enactor to successfully drive continuous advancement across their POS, mobile, kiosk, self-checkout, and online systems as well as back-end systems for omnichannel and enterprise management.

Enactor’s reusable and easily adaptable microservices bring a whole new approach to flexibility, solving the ‘Build or Buy’ dilemma for store applications. Our best of breed services can connect easily to legacy, cloud, and 3rd party systems giving retailers a genuinely agile way of working. Flexibility and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more about our great work at

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