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Published On: June 8th, 2020


Stadiums and Centralised Commerce for the Ultimate Customer Journey

The ultimate goal of the stadium is to create an atmosphere conducive to customers staying there before, during and after the main event. One challenge in achieving this involves engaging multiple demographics, for example family groups, mixed ages and interests.

In addition, arenas and stadiums have complex branding to efficiently communicate to consumers, providing a customer experience that is “unparalleled” (according to John Page, President of Wells Fargo Complex in Philadelphia, PA, USA) is crucial to keeping fans and visitors happy and engaged with the brand.

“Our Fan Engagement Manager works closely with our sizable event staff to ensure that every guest who walks through our doors has a great experience, no matter the type of event they are attending. We are also constantly challenging ourselves to innovate through creativity and technology.” From Forbes Online.

Engaging such varied groups, including the mix of first-time visitors and season ticket holders requires a complete view of each and every customer that walk through the stadium doors. This includes information around each and every transaction, regardless of vendor and type, within the venue. Building a loyalty picture and offering multiple ways to engage and purchase allows each customer to define their own journey within the venue, with ultimate convenience and ease.

For example, many venues focus on the fact that it’s important that fans have a great experience, even if they aren’t happy with the result of their favourite team’s performance. If a group of ten people decided to go out for a great meal post-game, and want to split the bill ten ways, technology and service shouldn’t stand in the way of that.

Offering deals and booking capabilities via an app within the stadium gives visitors the opportunity to book while sat in the stands, ordering food to go should be straightforward and fast, as well as ordering merchandise to collect on their way out.

Don’t let technology be a barrier to great experiences. The right platform can deliver these exceptional experiences and much more, shifting with consumer expectations and channel maturity.

Enactor works with brands such as Tottenham Hotspur, delivering phenomenal customer experiences every day, and delivering increased transaction volumes as a result.

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