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Published On: June 26th, 2024


Transforming Hospitality with Enactor’s Unified Commerce platform

Seamless, integrated solutions are vital for modern businesses. Enactor stands out as a game-changer with its Next-Generation Unified Commerce platform tailored to Retail and Hospitality. This platform transcends traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems, offering an extensive suite of features including Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS), Self-Checkout (SCO), Order Management System (OMS), and a variety of Commerce Services.

Unified Hospitality at its core

Enactor’s Unified Commerce approach extends into the Hospitality industry. By seamlessly integrating the customer journey from smartphones to POS and kitchen operations, Enactor ensures a connected and efficient experience for both patrons and staff.

Enhanced table management

Enactor’s table management system elevates service delivery in restaurants and bars. This system enables efficient seating arrangements, enhancing the overall dining experience by optimising table service management.

Streamlined kitchen operations

Enactor’s platform includes robust kitchen management tools. Chefs can monitor order statuses and streamline preparation processes with the integrated kitchen display system, which showcases current orders and preparation timers to ensure timely service.

Adaptable kiosk systems

Enactor offers OS-agnostic TouchPoint applications suitable for various platforms and devices. This versatility allows businesses to deploy kiosk solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure.

Omnichannel services

Supporting omnichannel pre-ordering for takeaway, Enactor streamlines the ordering process. This functionality allows staff to manage and confirm orders effortlessly, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for both customers and employees.

Consumer app integration

Enactor connects with consumer apps to enable direct ordering, loyalty management, and payments. This integration provides customers with a convenient and personalised experience, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Optimised quick service and bar configuration

Designed for fast-paced environments like bars and cafés, Enactor’s quick service configuration features a grid-style product layout. This design facilitates rapid order processing, ensuring quick and efficient customer service.

Recent enhancements

Enactor has introduced several updates to enhance its Unified Commerce platform further:

Samsung UI

Enabling Samsung phones to function as order-takers for waitstaff.

Handheld mobile ordering

Expanding capabilities to include Android devices.

Third-party integration

Seamless integration with SevenRooms for restaurant reservations.

Advanced allergen support

Simplified capture and management of allergen details.

Enhanced ordering views

Improved diner/table ordering views for better accuracy.

Kitchen display improvements

Customisable layouts and preparation timers for enhanced kitchen efficiency.

Enactor’s Unified Commerce platform represents a significant transformation in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. By seamlessly integrating multiple facets of the customer journey and providing advanced features and updates, Enactor enables businesses to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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