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Published On: September 18th, 2020


What to Modernise in Retail Store Systems

Are you a bold retailer? Up for responding to the many changes accelerated by 2020?For global retailers to remain at the of their game, 2020 will have forced them to take a look into store systems – particularly around how they integrate into other digital solutions.

Many will be found wanting, some will have store systems dating back to 2000 and beyond. Ouch. How will these fare in the “Always on” retail world? Not well is the short answer.

For those brave enough to face the challenge, this short guide steers you in the right direction:

  • Step up to digital & be the consumers flexible friend
    1. It’s not enough to simply handout mobile devices to store staff and think “job done”, it’s critical to think about how the day to day systems interact with Staff, Customers, and other Hardware and Software. Identify the pain points in this ecosystem, particularly where digital and physical meet.
    2. Streamline point of sale to reduce wait times, and to support fixed and roaming transactions.
    3. Flexible payment options which include platforms such as Klarna, complex international credit and bank cards, and mobile payments.
    4. Fast access to product and inventory information, regardless of where it’s located and where the consumer or staff member is looking from
  • Increase ability to change
    1. Legacy systems cause pain and expense when it comes to frequent process change and new integrations. A modern platform that uses Microservices and drag and drop process definition removes these pain points entirely. 
    2. Opening up in new regions? Platforms that have predefined fiscalisation processes and compliance will make this much faster and easier to provide the audit reports. 
  • Compete with online retailers by leveraging the store network – your secret weapon
    1. Give yourself a checklist of consumer friendly services to enable;
      • Click and Collect
      • Curbside collection
      • Wishlists
      • Loyalty & Promotions
      • Etc
    2. Divert stock and use your stores as local delivery and distribution points for the ultimate customer flexibility.

Food for thought?

Why not reach out to use to see how we’ve helped global retailers such as Harrod’s, Mountain Warehouse, Jysk and more.

What to Modernise in Retail Store SystemsWhat to Modernise in Retail Store SystemsWhat to Modernise in Retail Store SystemsWhat to Modernise in Retail Store SystemsWhat to Modernise in Retail Store Systems

What to Modernise in Retail Store Systems


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