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Next-Generation Grocery

Enactor Grocery provides a Next-Generation platform for Grocery Retailers, offering seamless integration and robust features to enhance store operations. Our flexible architecture and advanced POS solutions enable rapid deployment and customization, supporting diverse hardware and compliance requirements globally.

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Grocery System

Unify the channels

Enactor is the first platform that can genuinely enable Retailers to unify the channels through a single platform of APIs and applications like POS and Self-Checkout.

Deploy changes faster

Enactor Grocery enables customers to leverage the MACH technologies and iteratively deliver new features every few days and not get trapped by slow legacy upgrade processes.

Enable your own developers

Enactor’s open architecture allows retailers to leverage their own internal development teams to make their own changes with our development tools.

We believe it’s time for a modern platform in Grocery

Most of the Store systems in the market are from 1990’s and have legacy technology at their core. Clearly the world has moved on since then and now thoses platforms are holding Retailers back.

Grocery System

Why Enactor for Grocery?

Speedy Transactions

Optimise the application to minimise button clicks and calculate basket value and fire promotions.

Highly flexible & easy to integrate

Add new features and call new services easily with our open architecture. Integrate devices APIs with flexible process flows.

A Powerful Promotions Engine

Define and execute promotions by hundreds of different parameters and triggers, available offline or via API.

One platform for all applications & functions

Reduce costs by having POS and Self-Checkout from the same platform. All functions are granular and can be called via API.

Convertable Self-Checkout Lanes

Easily switch between Self-Checkout and fixed POS. Get free choice of any hardware peripherals and break free from traditional devices.

Enactor’s Capabilities in Grocery

Headless POS

Change the POS UI independently of the underlying application. Comes with a rich set of APIs.

Flow-based Architecture

Process Orchestration is done by dragging & dropping with our flow-based, low-code tools.


Make change quickly for any function with out any development. Setup menus to maximise speed enbable peripherals.

Choice of Architecture

Choose your architecture either fully cloud, fully offline capable on the edge or anywhere in-between.

Cross Platform including Android

Reduce costs and improve performance by choosing the right operating system.

Fiscal Excellence Across Europe

International & Fiscalisation

We have support for dozens of countries in our core platform including many fiscalisation, built by our dedicated fiscal team.

Elevate your store’s performance today!