Estate Manager

The all-in-one platform to easily manage your retail estate across multiple stores.

Handle cross border, multi-brand,
multi-currency estates from a single point

Real-time global control of all stores

Global stores can be configured, administered and enabled in
one place. Easily broadcast and distribute applications globally to any store, node or device

Easy to use UIs and flows

No hacking configuration files. Logical flows and apps make it simple to configure.

Localisation and fiscalisation made very simple

Estate Manager allows fiscal rules, local regulations and tax to be implemented in just minutes via an easy-to-use menu.

Fully cloud and docker enabled

Deploy centrally in AWS and Microsoft Azure. Optimise performance and streamline
deployment with docker containers. Use Enactor Cloud deployment tools to deploy in just minutes.

Easy integration with web API’s and message queues

Enactor Estate Manager leverages the Enactor Platforms Microservices and rich API layers. So getting data in and out of the system is easy to build and configure. A must for modern retail

Easily control roles and permissions

Roles, permissions and authorisations are easily configurable. Keep your business moving forward knowing your systems are secure at all times.

An open platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

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Enactor is the future of Store Systems


Enactor for Large & Global Retailers

Enactor is the key disrupting solution in Enterprise store and Unified Commerce where Retailers need a modern platform which makes integration and change far easier than legacy Platforms.

Video: Global POS

Enactor is the Global Platform solution that gives flexibility and ease-of integration to enterprise Store systems.

We are always looking for companies to team up with and bring innovation to Retailers.