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Published On: November 18th, 2021

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The importance of prioritising Fiscalisation when scaling internationally!

What is fiscalisation and why must retailers prioritise it when scaling internationally?

Fiscalisation is a legal requirement imposed by the Tax Authorities of an increasing number of countries and is particularly prevalent in the European Union. The need for fiscal legislation arises in the recording of sales. It ensures that transactions are recorded in an unalterable manner and also accounts for VAT calculations.

Enactor Fiscal Solutions act against fraud by adhering to the rightful recording of transactions.

Our solutions are available for a majority of the European Fiscal countries, and we continue to work on taking on additional countries, both inside and outside of Europe.

Some countries have very specific needs that require direct communication with their authorities. So we act as a single point of contact for their needs and enable them to avoid reliance on third parties wherever possible.

Enactor also has a strong network of partners who are experts in their respective countries’ legislations, & thereby helping us to keep our solutions up to date.

Watch the video to learn more about the types of Enactor Fiscal solutions!

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