Head of APAC

About Joe

As the Head of Asia Pacific at Enactor, Joe leads and drives the company’s expansion in the APAC region. His role encompasses supporting existing clients, fostering business growth and fine-tuning strategies to cater to specific Asian markets. Joe also assists with marketing efforts and driving new business sales, making Enactor a leading player in retail POS and Omnichannel solutions in the dynamic Asia Pacific market.

Previous Education & Experience

Joe’s career began in desktop publishing with Rank Xerox, after which he moved to British Telecom as a part of the BTOS team. Since then, he has assisted companies like Quest Software, Veeam, Dell Technologies, and Binary Tree in establishing their presence in Asia Pacific and growing into successful entities. He has also worked at HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Oracle before venturing into the FinTech industry. He set up his own development company, where he created a payment gateway, an API low-code platform, and a front-end app. Currently, his gateway and white-labelled apps are in use by companies like GrabPay, Pi Pay, Dialog, HNB Bank, DolfinPay, RabbitPay, and Axianta Boost.

Outside of work

In his free time, he actively engages in various areas of expertise and passion. He serves as an advisor on FinTech forums throughout Asia, contributing insights and knowledge to the financial technology community. Music is another integral part of his life, as he plays the bass drum for the British Club Pipe Band in Bangkok, performing at notable events, including Remembrance Day at the River Kwai. Beyond this, he immerses himself in the world of technology, offering support and expertise to friends and colleagues in crypto tokenization, blockchain, RegTech, and his newfound enthusiasm, Retail Tech.