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Published On: October 5th, 2022


From the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting:
How retail tech can help.

The Great Resignation, the Big Quit, and the Great Reshuffle are all different names for an ongoing trend that is putting a strain on retailers all over the world.

But that’s not all that’s been plaguing employers. A new or rather, newly documented trend that’s labelled as ‘Quiet Quitting’ is making its rounds in the workplace.

The phrase was first popularised on TikTok and referred to employees not engaging with the workplace, feeling disconnected from the company, and not relating to its purpose. This results in billions of dollars wasted in lost productivity and impacts the business in more ways than one.

How can retail technology improve the workplace?

Quiet Quitting has been highly prevalent in the retail industry since the pandemic with store associates feeling ‘burnt out’, and more reluctant to go that extra mile. At Enactor, our mission is to develop innovative software that enables retailers to deliver complex customer journeys quickly and easily. We believe store associates also deserve a positive work experience and that relies on having best-in-class technology at their fingertips.

A frictionless shopping experience for store associates and shoppers

Enactor’s next-generation POS offers ease of use, a simple user interface and is OS-agnostic, so store associates don’t have to get familiar with a new operating system from scratch.

Enactor POS also offers Endless Aisle Ordering and Clienteling out of the box. This gives store associates real-time data from any Enactor or third-party application to provide real-time information to engage with the customer, look up global inventory levels or Save-the-Sale with orders.

Overall, this enables staff to get up to speed quickly, plus access to information that allows their job to become more interactive and rewarding.

How can a mobile POS turn demotivated staff around?

Equipping store associates with tools like a Mobile POS enables them to accomplish tasks in less time. It’s a win-win as customers get to avoid waiting in long lines and the staff do not have to stand behind a counter all day long.

Instead, they walk around the store and interact with customers, making the job more dynamic and engaging. In an environment that can get rather monotonous, this could be the change store staff need to stay motivated.


Why self-checkout is a win-win

Enriching the duties that store associates carry out is paramount for job satisfaction. And it rewards the customer too as self-checkout offers a better experience with frictionless shopping. It eliminates the need for a queue and enables the customer to quickly pay for small baskets. From the retailer’s perspective, it drives more transactions through the store and makes transactions less reliant on staff overall.

This is why technology like self-checkout helps both parties immensely. Lines get shorter, the checkout process gets faster and store staff become freed up from doing repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time helping customers in-store.

Digitising stores is not an advantage, but a necessity

Quiet Quitting can pervade work environments where an employer doesn’t reward and recognise its staff. Augmenting a store with the aforementioned tech signifies the opposite. It signals commitment and investment towards ensuring the staff are less burdened in their daily tasks and feel motivated to do a good job.

A few years ago, stores with next-gen POS, digital kiosks and self-checkout were ahead of the competition, however today, it has become an absolute necessity to retain a high-performing shop floor. We want to help.

We believe that flexible, configurable and scalable tools can mitigate the current challenges businesses have with resourcing their shop floors and remaining competitive.

To remain competitive in the global market, we were seeking a reputable partner like Enactor who could help bring the convenience of online shopping into our stores – not just for today but for the next decade to come.
CIO, Central Retail Corporation

Retailers around the world rely on the Enactor unified commerce solution to deliver a genuine frictionless, shopping experience to their customers and store associates. Hear what they have to say.

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