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Published On: November 28th, 2023


Streamlining access: Enactor’s Single Sign-On development and release update

Enactor has introduced enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to the Enactor Platform. This update is not only limited to the
Next-Generation POS but also extends to the Enactor Estate Manager. Enactor applications now have OpenIDConnect support and allow for seamless authentication through major providers like Azure and Google.

SSO is primarily used for authentication of users, with Enactor able to authenticate against cloud-native directories like ADFS and other equivalent services. Once authenticated, user profile privileges, such as cash management or refund authorisation, can continue to be meticulously maintained within the Enactor system as normal.

The Store-of-the-Future should enable store associates to have specialist applications on one device, and only have to sign in once to access them all. Enactor’s Single Sign-On work paves the way for SSO for all applications on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux with updates on support on all these platforms due in the coming weeks.

As we approach the final stages of development, the SSO feature is poised to go live with select existing clients before the end of 2023. The advantages of SSO are multifaceted and can be better visualised through the accompanying infographic, which highlights key benefits.

Benefits of Enactor's Single Sign-On

For those interested in integrating SSO into their Enactor Next-Gen POS or Estate Manager, you are invited to connect with Account Manager, Bijoux M’Bayo, or reach out to your assigned Client Success Manager.

A thorough discussion awaits to explore the incorporation of SSO and its transformative impact on your stores!

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