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Published On: December 9th, 2020


Enactor has entered into a strategic partnership with retail systems integrator, RedIron.

This partnership will bring value to Enactor’s industry leading innovative retail solutions by leveraging RedIron’s project delivery capability to help implement and integrate Enactor solutions for retailers in the North American market.

Enactor provides cloud-native Store and Commerce solutions. This includes the next-generation Store Systems Platform, that delivers Omnichannel-enabled and API-driven POS, Mobile POS and self-checkout across any device and operating system. Key elements of its suite are solutions to enhance the retail shoppers’ digital experience, including an API-exposed Loyalty and Promotions Engine, Commerce Microservices, Order Management, and several innovative cross-channel Commerce propositions, such as curb-side collection and cross-channel basket management. Enactor solutions are installed in some of the largest retailers in the world and currently serves customers on five continents. They are the key pioneers in Microservices solutions that can power Enterprise-level Retailers with the flexibility they need to continuously innovate.

RedIron’s retail teams will be responsible for project management, business analysis, integration, and technical expertise to ensure projects are delivered on-time, budget, and with the desired business-driven outcomes.  RedIron’s Managed Services will meet retailers ongoing solution support requirements by delivering helpdesk services alongside technical application support.

Herb Cline, Managing Director of RedIron comments:  RedIron is very proud of our 21 year history of working with large software providers, payment providers and mid-size to large retailers.  We are excited to partner with Enactor to help retailers implement their game-changing solutions and accelerate their digital transformations. 

Alan Townsend, VP of Sales at Enactor, adds: 

“With all the challenges facing Retailers being compounded by COVID, we believe the time is now for Retailers to ditch the big legacy suppliers, whose Architectures and delivery models are making the Retailer uncompetitive. We can quickly help any Retailer looking to do things differently in unifying their stores with their online channels using a Cloud-native and Flow-based Microservices Tooling Architecture that allows our pre-built solutions to be piloted in just a few weeks if desired. Whilst at the same time, delivering on-going change and innovation- this is our company DNA”

Partnering with RedIron for project delivery and managed services in North America means we can expand our global reach as well as further focus our efforts on providing our amazingly flexible and open Platform to our customers.”

About Enactor:

Enactor are one of the key disruptors hitting the Global Retail-tech industry. Over just the last 5 years they have amassed a base of customers trading in over 40 countries and boast some large organisations in their client-base already such as O’Reilly Autoparts, Harrods and JYSK (a large pan-european Retailer with over 3,000 stores). Their mission is to rid Retailers of legacy and monolithic solutions that hinder Innovation and omnichannel strategies in a time when they need it most. The foundation of Enactor is a highly flexible flow-based Architecture. This Framework allows for easy customisation and extensibility of nanoservice-built Applications, as well as Orchestration of the Cloud-native Commerce Microservices that drive the Unified Commerce Platform.

The solutions themselves are ready-to-go. They offer the Platform in two models. SaaS – where they provide the Applications a service and an Enterprise model where they let a Retailer or Partner move much faster to deliver change by doing their own development.

For more information on Enactor, visit https://enactor.co.

About RedIron:

RedIron is a retail systems integrator specializing in vendor agnostic retail platform integration, platform functionality extension and POS system implementation and migration for mid and top tier retail store systems.

Through its RI-Broker integration framework, Enterprise X-Ray monitoring solution (providing actionable activities for the tech stack) and a deep understanding of retail, RedIron enables added functionality within a retailers existing Point of Sale infrastructure to deliver a seamless commerce experience leading to improved customer retention and loyalty.

RedIron has employees across the USA and Canada with offices in Massachusetts, Utah and Ontario and has proven itself through 21 years of retail systems experience delivering over 1,200 customer facing projects with the integration connectivity, project tested services, tools and methodologies and the implementation expertise to enable retailers to deliver better more impactful technology driven customer experiences.

For more information on RedIron, visit https://redirontech.com.

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