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Published On: December 8th, 2021


Get the power of control, agility and speed

It’s a new generation, the needs and lifestyles have drastically modernised to an extent where customer demands are becoming almost unpredictable. With each generation having its own trends and lifestyles, the solutions you offer your customers should equally be MODERNISED!

But the question is, how modern is your store system platform?

Most legacy platforms claim to be modern though they are really not. It’s high time you get hold of a genuinely next-generation store system platform.

Come and meet us at the NRF show 2022 to witness a truly flexible and innovative system built with unique microservices and low-code architecture that gives you unmatched control, agility and speed. The cross-platform POS will never let you have device and OS constraints and lets you quickly and easily deploy POS on any device and OS. Your physical and digital channels will no longer be isolated thanks to our genuinely modern unified commerce platform.

Now, you can be all set for the modern generation, with a genuinely Next-Gen store system platform.

Don’t miss the chance! Book a meeting to meet us at the show!

Enactor Solution Overview

A short overview of the amazing Enactor Platform and what you can do with it.

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Enactor OMS

An introduction to Enactor OMS and how it links all channels and stores with distributed order management.

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