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Published On: March 22nd, 2024


Enrich Retail with Enactor: The #1 Department Store Unified Commerce Platform

In the multi-faceted landscape of department store retail, Enactor stands out as the #1 Unified Commerce Platform, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored for success. From Fixed and Mobile POS to Self-Checkout, Enactor is reshaping the way department stores engage with customers and optimise operations.

Why Choose Enactor for Department Stores?

Enactor’s understanding of our strategy and growth plans aligns perfectly with our vision of giving
Harrods customers the very best experience in our store.

Andreas Efstathiou
Chief Information Officer at Harrods

Personalised Experiences

Enactor goes beyond transactions; it’s about building relationships. With personalised experiences, department stores can foster customer engagement, loyalty, and rewards. Enabling a unique and tailored shopping journey sets the stage for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Single Platform Efficiency

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and complexities. Enactor provides a single platform that seamlessly integrates Retail Fixed and Mobile POS, Hospitality POS & Kitchens, Hospitality Mobile POS, and Retail Self-Checkout. This consolidation enhances operational efficiency and streamlines processes.

Omnichannel Everywhere

Tailor journeys for each department with Enactor’s Omnichannel Everywhere approach. Delivering specific experiences to individual departments ensures that customers receive the personalised attention they deserve, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Stock Optimisation

Empower customers to buy anywhere and fulfil from anywhere in the store with Enactor’s Stock Optimisation feature. This flexibility not only meets customer expectations but also streamlines inventory management, enhancing overall efficiency.

Adapt with Speed

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, Enactor enables department stores to adapt swiftly. Add new features quickly, improving speed to value and ensuring that your retail environment stays ahead of the curve.

Seamless Shopping

Achieve a unified shopping experience with Enactor. Enable a single view of everything throughout the store, ensuring that customers can seamlessly transition between departments without any disruptions.

Seamless Self-Checkout Experience

Enactor Self-Checkout offers a seamless self-checkout experience, built on a single platform, providing unparalleled omnichannel capabilities. Move quickly and efficiently, offering your customers a state-of-the-art checkout experience.

Get Going Quickly, Move Even Faster

Enactor simplifies the journey to modern retail. Start with out-of-the-box, configuration-driven applications covering Next-Generation POS, Clientelling, Self-Checkout, Inventory, and more. The platform is designed to propel department stores forward with speed and agility.

Trusted by Global Retail Leaders

Enactor’s success is evident in its clientele, including leading global department store retailers like Harrods, Frasers Group, Magasin du Nord, Central Retail, El Palacio de Hierro, and more. The endorsement from satisfied clients speaks volumes about Enactor’s impact on the industry.

The Enactor Team have offered us a unique combination of product, partnership, and a model that allows us to react much faster to the technology challenges we have in our department stores. The objective always is to bring the best experience to our customers.

Benjamin Hernandez
Chief Information Officer at El Palacio de Hierro


Enactor’s Unified Commerce Platform emerges as the strategic choice for department stores aiming to thrive in this dynamic retail landscape. Elevate your retail experience with Enactor and lead the way in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

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