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Published On: November 29th, 2021



Elavon is now a certified partner in the Enactor Global Partnership Programme

Enactor is proud to announce our latest partnership and certification with Elavon! Elavon is now a primary acquiring partner for our payment solution – Enactor Pay. The partnership focuses on enhancing Enactor’s Omni commerce offering with integrated payment services and delivering an optimised end-to-end payment solution.

Elavon is a global acquiring bank that provides payment processing solutions to Enactor customers around the globe. Together, it enhances the agility & the functionality of our payment platform that is scalable to a retailer’s needs. This integrated solution comes with POS, the acceptance of major card brands & local card schemes, the facilitation of digital wallets, the ability to accept online payments for eCommerce, POS-based checkouts, pay by link & even telephone payments.

Here are a few ways in how retailers can benefit from the enhanced Enactor Pay Solution

  • A pre-certified, ready-to-go integrated Omnicommerce solution offering a wide range of payment methods to the consumer
  • True Omni-commerce tokenisation engine
  • Defend against losses with industry-leading, multi-layered fraud management capabilities
  • Access new markets with Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC) and accept international payments with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Spot trends with advanced reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated relationship manager with sectoral expertise

Apart from the above core benefits, Enactor supports the latest 3D Secure and SCA measures to ensure stronger customer authentications, compliance and data protection measures. The collaboration further extends to provide a smooth cash flow management to the retailer with faster liquidity & chargeback options, alternative payment methods and ensuring a 99.999% reliability of system uptime.

The Enactor-Elavon partnership is a powerful combination that will deliver world-class omnichannel & payment acquiring experiences in a single environment. It opens up endless possibilities for retailers to expand beyond horizons and reach their business goals, effortlessly!

An elevated payment experience with Enactor X ElavonAn elevated payment experience with Enactor X ElavonAn elevated payment experience with Enactor X ElavonAn elevated payment experience with Enactor X ElavonAn elevated payment experience with Enactor X Elavon

An elevated payment experience with Enactor X Elavon


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