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Published On: December 10th, 2020


Enactor announces partnership with digital Retail innovator E2X

Retail and Unified Commerce technology disruptor Enactor, has announced a partnership with E2X, who deliver innovative platforms into the commerce and retail sector. This powerful retail combination affirms Enactor’s position as a leading retail platform providing great user experiences and an improved Total Cost of Ownership when compared against more monolithic, traditional retail technology.

Matt Gould, Client Director of E2X explains “We have chosen to work with Enactor because of the incredible flexibility it brings to retailers, particularly when it comes to tailoring the solution to omnichannel and complex customer journeys. Converged Retail is all about being customer centric, and Enactor is the perfect technology enabler for the outcomes desired by retailers.”

Mike Carrell, CEO of Enactor, further explains “It’s exciting that we’re being recognised as an enabler for customer centric retail, our work with large, global retailers enables them to quickly adapt technology processes to align with how consumers are behaving, across all channels and devices. This gives retailers unprecedented flexibility.”

About Enactor

Enactor are one of the key disruptors hitting the Global Retail-tech industry. Over just the last 5 years they have amassed a base of customers trading in over 40 countries and boast some large organisations in their client-base already such as O’Reilly Autoparts, Harrods and JYSK (a large pan-european Retailer with over 3,000 stores). Their mission is to rid Retailers of legacy and monolithic solutions that hinder Innovation and omnichannel strategies in a time when they need it most. The foundation of Enactor is a highly flexible flow-based Architecture. This Framework allows for easy customisation and extensibility of nanoservice-built Applications, as well as Orchestration of the Cloud-native Commerce Microservices that drive the Unified Commerce Platform.

This includes the next-generation Store Systems Platform, that delivers Omnichannel-enabled and API-driven POS, Mobile POS and self-checkout across any device and operating system. Key elements of its suite are solutions to enhance the retail shoppers’ digital experience, including an API-exposed Loyalty and Promotions Engine, Commerce Microservices, Order Management, and several innovative cross-channel Commerce propositions, such as curb-side collection and cross-channel basket management.

The solutions themselves are ready-to-go. They offer the Platform in two models. SaaS – where they provide the Applications a service and an Enterprise model where they let a Retailer or Partner move much faster to deliver change by doing their own development.

About E2X

Founded in 2001, E2X has nearly 20 years of experience delivering Next-Generation Commerce and Converged digital platforms for some of the most well-recognised and established brands in the retailing space. E2X provides businesses with the essential technological understanding and expertise to make informed decisions on how to revolutionise their UX experience whilst maximising ROI and minimising TCO. With innovation at the forefront of the end-to-end transformation process, the E2X team designs and develops digital, API first solutions that combine Customer-Centric and Enterprise UX thinking with a focus on the target operating model and achieving sustainable outcomes.

The term Converged Retail refers to a change in a retailer’s strategy, processes, and systems from channel-centric to customer-centric by remodeling the traditional data approach across multiple channels through seamless integration, cross-channel execution, and organisational positioning. Businesses create value for the customer through a thoughtful and innovative transformation. Enhancing the digital experience and embedding this into the customer’s purchasing process across the modern omni-channel landscape.


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