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Published On: June 14th, 2021



Retail247 is now a certified partner in the Enactor Global Partnership Programme

Enactor is proud to announce that Retail247 is now a certified delivery partner in the Enactor Global Partnership Programme. They achieved the Enactor accreditation to enhance the delivery and support of the Enactor Platform.The partnership guarantees credibility and will strive to ensure seamless implementations, integrations and project deliveries of our Next-Generation Technology.

This certification marks that Retail247 have successfully completed the training for delivering some of the core components of Enactor’s Next-Generation Retail Platform. It also marks another step in an already successful partnering relationship between the two organisations having worked closely together on several exciting projects with well-known UK retail brands. The collaboration between Retail247 and Enactor brings out the best of both companies, boosting the customer experience and the overall value creation.

The industry-wide demand for omnichannel enablement pushes retailers to seek agile solutions to connect with their customers across all touchpoints. Hence, the partnership couples Enactor technology with Retail247’s technical expertise to streamline frictionless deliveries.

They focus on technology and operational process transformation in the retail sector, bringing together skilled and experienced retail resources to deliver pragmatic solutions. Retail247’s insight into the industry best practices ensure the right solution delivery for our clients. Thus our customers can reach their desired business-driven outcomes on time, on budget, and on point!

As they also have their own suite of intelligent and innovative solutions in PIM, Stock Transaction Engine and RFID. Thus, we believe the accreditation given for Retail247 is very well deserving. Consequently, the certification takes away any barriers to our customers in getting a 3rd party to deliver our solutions as Retail 247 is now an extended partner of Enactor.

Hear it from our very own Founder and CEO – Mike Carrell and CEO at Retail247- Martin Schofield themselves:

Mike Carrell – Founder and CEO
“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Retail247, who is one of the most exciting innovators in the retail market. Their industry experience and capabilities coupled with our Unified Commerce platform and Omnichannel offering mean that together we bring huge opportunities to a variety of retail verticals, all at a time on the UK high street where moving forward is key to delivering an increasing number of complex and unified customer journeys thus allowing the retailer to accelerate their digital transformation”.

Martin Schofield – CEO, Retail 247
“We are always happy to work with exceptional solution partners and to help deliver the benefits of truly great innovation. I’m looking forward to being able to add value to the Enactor proposition”.

Enactor X Retail 247 Partnership AccreditationEnactor X Retail 247 Partnership AccreditationEnactor X Retail 247 Partnership AccreditationEnactor X Retail 247 Partnership Accreditation

Enactor X Retail 247 Partnership Accreditation


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