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Published On: March 31st, 2021



Enactor is featured in the ‘The Future of EPOS’ by Phos

Payments provider PHOS has collaborated with leading vendors to put together a report, capturing the various opportunities which also advocates on how the EPOS based retail changes the dynamics of everyday shopping. As a key disruptor hitting the Global Retail-tech industry, our DNA is inculcated with forward-thinking visionaries, hence the navigation towards EPOS.

2021 is the catalyst year that accelerates years’ worth of digital transformation. This disruption has revolutionized the way modern consumers browse, shop & spend.

We have analysed the rising themes and trends in the EPOS market and what retailers should take into account when choosing their next system in a POST-Covid world.

Our very own Michael Carrell (Enactor Founder & CEO) highlights the crux of unifying online and digital channels to enable seamless digital integrations in an omnichannel customer journey.

A few of his article pointers accommodating these shifts include;

  • The importance of digital & eCommerce integrations to better harness the availability of great devices on the market
  • How flexibiltiy of frontend UIs can leverage & deploy the original POS functionality & configurability across multiple platforms
  • Running on MACH architecture that revolves on Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native & Headless commerce
  • The paradigm shift of Monolithic-legacy systems to SaaS-based solutions.

Explore more on what Enactor and other Retail-Tech leaders had voiced their expertise on, and how these new changes help leverage online functionality into physical stores, to reinforce better customer relationships.

PHOS Future EPOS Report

PHOS Future EPOS Report


Enactor Solution Overview

A short overview of the amazing Enactor Platform and what you can do with it.


Enactor OMS

An introduction to Enactor OMS and how it links all channels and stores with distributed order management.

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The Future of EPOS

Point of sale Predictions & Retail Trends for 2021