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Published On: June 4th, 2021



Vista and Enactor continue to work together!

The collaboration offers an enhanced delivery experience of Retail Technology Solutions. Vista is an independent deployment and support services provider for many of the UK’s renowned retail and hospitality brands. Vista works with the Technology industry’s most innovative organisations such as Enactor to bring customers value-adding solutions and enrich their customer experience.

Enactor’s single-engine platform focuses on delivering Unified Commerce store solutions that move with speed and flexibility. Similarly, Vista focuses on enriching the deployment of business-critical technology and providing high-quality support and services. Thus, this collaboration is a perfect match for modern retailers.

The two brands have worked closely before, delivering joint solutions for customers such as Harrods for hardware maintenance services, Dunelm with maintenance & IMAC’s, and London’s premiership football team’s new stadium – Tottenham Hotspur for their 700+ Epos rollout. The outcomes have profound impacts on elevating the customer experience to more positive omnichannel customer journeys.

As a part of the exciting collaboration, Enactor customers can leverage Vista’s expertise in the staging and the rollout of EPOS solutions, and in the provision of ongoing support services. These are a range of platform-independent implementation and support services which include:

  • Epos rollout services
  • Epos systems/devices hardware maintenance
  • P2PE accredited Payment Card Solution rollout and support services
  • Store IMAC services
  • Data cabling and new store technology fit-out.

Enactor’s technical expertise coupled with Vista’s IT evolution of over 25 years provides an invaluable synergy. This has created a deployment process of delivering the world-leading Retail Technology into stores and locations. So for those retail and hospitality businesses that do not have the necessary resources in-house, the collaboration delivers best of class Enactor solutions with a robust support service wrap.

Hear it from our very own Enterprise Sales & Marketing Lead – Julius Carrell and CEO at Vista – James Pepper themselves:

Julius Carrell, Enterprise Lead at Enactor comments – “We were delighted to be part of yet another successful collaboration. Vista has proved invaluable as part of the process in getting world-leading technology into our customers’ stores and locations”.

James Pepper, CEO at Vista, says, “The team at Vista is really excited to support Enactor customers with our platform-independent implementation and support services“.

The Enactor X Vista CollaborationThe Enactor X Vista CollaborationThe Enactor X Vista CollaborationThe Enactor X Vista Collaboration

The Enactor X Vista Collaboration


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