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Published On: March 30th, 2021


JYSK announce going live with Unified Commerce! With Enactor playing a major role.

JYSK started their Unified Commerce project focusing on matching the customer needs for a seamless experience online and in-stores and soon to be rolled out across Europe. JYSK is leading the way with what’s possible, by delivering a truly Unified Commerce connected experience for their customers.

As the article says, “Unified Commerce will make it possible to inspire and inform, buy, change/cancel, fulfill orders and return/exchange anywhere and across all touchpoints and devices.”

Deployed across fixed and smartphone devices with Enactor’s React-based Web UI, JYSK was able to take control of the delivery of the User Interface. Therefore, allowing them to add features with their own Web Development teams thanks to the flexibility of Enactor’s underlying flow-based microservice tools.

We at Enactor are extremely proud to be a part of this incredible journey in delivering unified commerce experiences. It was ALL possible because of our Next-Gen Store Solutions.

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