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Published On: May 25th, 2021


Enactor is attending the Retail Technology Show in Olympia, London

Meet us at the Retail Technology Show in Olympia, London on the 26-27th April 2022. The show is committed to featuring the retail technology sector and driving the industry forward with innovation.

It showcases a diverse range of suppliers that bring cutting edge retail tech as part of its free-to-attend trade show. Enactor’s Next-Generation Unified Commerce Platform will be a promising highlight as we focus on agility and hyper flexibility.

The world of eCommerce saw a decade of digital transformation in just a matter of months. Thus,the show will feature these budding technologies that capture today’s digital navigation of customer journeys, especially in relevance to the post-pandemic context.

Enactor will showcase how its Next-Generation Store Systems with Unified Commerce and Order Management Platform powered by a MACH Architecture will best fit the new cohorts of shoppers in omnichannel retail. We will show how we provide end-to-end functionality to the upended supply chains, new logistics, emerging dark stores and the ever-evolving role of High Street.

Alongside the trade show, there will be a conference programme featuring the industry luminaries taking the stage. Here they will shed light on the issues of modern retail, such as the operational challenges, customer engagement strategies, margin protection and sustainability efforts. Talk to Enactor at one-on-one meetings on the endless possibilities of revolutionizing the stores.

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