Why Low Code?

Why we combine Microservices and Flow-based Tooling

The ultimate in retail business process definition

To overcome real-life scenario challenges

In recent years we have any new Store and Unified commerce platform being in-house built or even by new entrants to the market fail to either get off the ground or come unstuck at early hurdles. At the same time, established providers out there are having serious problems servicing customers with their legacy Platforms, which just aren’t able to incorporate the changes their clients need. Both emphasise the fact that the biggest challenge of enterprise software is about being able to sustain and delivering change.

To provide easy Tools for different kinds of challenges

We have several Tools which leverage this method for building applications, long Running Business processes which applications use as well as mapping out where applications get data for integration. Our Tools Make simple changes quick, hard changes easier and impossible change possible. We envisaged that with these tools we could eradicate a lot of the technical knowledge necessary to build and amend apps so that normal business users could do so – today that is a reality.

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To bring flexibility

All of our solutions have been built from Day one with the same Framework and Tools which embrace a complete Low-Code, Flow-based approach. It means flexibility is at the core of the Enactor architecture and which is great for not just for our customers but also for us a supplier. It means we can deliver changes to our customer easily. We can manage versions of the software and we do away with the “Spaghetti” nature of enterprise software in our own platform.

To Enable Retailer Self-sufficiency and therefore business agility

We always envisaged that the very biggest Retailers would want more self-sufficiency over their solutions. What makes this possible is our Low-code, flow-based approach to application architecture. Simply put, it makes the logic of building large sophisticated software more open and understandable. Customer or Partner development teams can quickly take up the mantel and develop their own extensions, do their own integrations and run their own projects in a way previously not possible.

An open Platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing Retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

You need to see this demo video…

Video: Enactor Flow-based Tools

Quite simply the most flexible enterprise Architecture in Retail & Commerce. Watch this to see the power of our approach.

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