Enactor Business Process Builder

Flow based flexibility
to define mission critical processes

How the tools create business processes

Build any process

Flow-based tools that enabler retailers to easily build, change and trace the flows of their business. This can be done by non-technical staff and once complete can simply be uploaded into the Platform to implement the change.

Enactor Inventory Management

Enactor Inventory movements and operations are executed in accordance with how the flows are designed and built. These will involve a mixture of human tasks, such as accepting stock with an HHT or a Server-side job for example, such as updating a third-party system with a status.

Enactor OMS

The Enactor OMS uses Business Processes to help retailers flexibly configure their back-end processes as part of fulfilling orders. For example, reconfiguring any human or server tasks in the confirmation of stock being present in a warehouse or store.

An open platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

Our Videos

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Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

Enactor OMS

Enactor’s new leading Order Management solution for connecting up the channels.

Enactor in Retail

See how Enactor delivers Omnichannel retail experiences for consumers.

You need to see this demo video…

Video: Enactor Flow-based Tools

Quite simply the most flexible enterprise Architecture in Retail & Commerce. Watch this to see the power of our approach.


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