Enactor Payments

Our own Single Web & Store Payments Platform

Extendable Payments anywhere

Single Platform for Web & Store Payments

One seamless Payment Gateway platform for any device and e-commerce. Fully PCI-DSS & P2PE In -store and PSD2 certified on the Web.

Future-proofing Payments

No one knows where the world of Payments is going. With many challenges and changes on the way Retailers need a service that is flexible and can be personalised.

Any Device In-store

Staff can switch devices easily between any in-store device. Payments can be taken on Fixed and Mobile POS with solutions that fit that Retailers requirements. We work seamlessly with all Verifone and Miura Devices.

More than a “Service” its a Payment Integration Platform

With many new offerings and disrupting technologies, Retailers need to be able deliver new functionality quickly to their customers.

Card Vault

Our platform allows Retailers to Store Customer Card Data securely to make it even easier for them to shop with you next time around, both in-store and online.

Acquirer Independent

Don’t get locked in by a single Acquirer. By being able to work between any number of acquirers, Retailers can continually reap commercial returns as well as cover more countries and card schemes.

An open platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

You need to see this demo video…

Video: Enactor Flow-based Tools

Quite simply the most flexible enterprise Architecture in Retail & Commerce. Watch this to see the power of our approach.


We are always looking for companies to team up with and bring innovation to Retailers.