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Published On: December 8th, 2022


Enactor adds new features to its Hospitality Solution

We’re excited to announce new features being added to Enactor Hospitality to further enhance its capabilities in delivering omnichannel functionality, as well as adding new features to the core Point of Sale.

About Enactor Hospitality:

For several years, Enactor has offered a wide range of hospitality features including table management, takeaway, quick service and kiosks, for large hospitality chains like Tottenham Hotspur, Harrods, and Hotel Chocolat.

Built on Enactor’s retail POS, Enactor Hospitality enables hospitality chains to use a single platform for both retail and hospitality to cross-sell other verticals and enhance experiential retail.

Enactor Hospitality is a fully integrated platform that delivers connected journeys starting from the customer’s smartphone to the POS and into the kitchen.

What’s new in Enactor Hospitality?

We’ve added a suite of modern features to our hospitality solution to help deliver a better customer experience and streamline complex omnichannel journeys. With the latest features, we’ve made the application available on new mobile devices more specialised for the hospitality environment, and added more functionality to help staff provide advanced services to customers.

Hospitality chains can now move from traditional pen-and-paper reservations to digital reservations, which will also help to collect and manage customer data, and provide a complete view of their history to improve personalisation.

Be it dine-in, takeaway or curbside pickup, customers can simply use their smartphones to place orders and use their preferred payment method to checkout; enjoying a frictionless experience throughout their journeys.

Notable new features include:


Full global fiscalisation


Fully translatable capability (operation & customer UI)


Cash Management Guide: back-office and on the POS


Klarna (BNPL) integration


Givex Loyalty integration


PPS Gift Card integration


Ability to dock mobile devices to become a fully functioning fixed POS


Kitchen Display

Customer orders can now be sent to touchscreen kitchen displays with order details, including allergens and preparation requests. Enactor’s new feature replaces the need for printed kitchen tickets in your restaurant, speeding up the order-taking and preparation processes. The visibility of the order statuses on the display screens will streamline communication between the kitchen and serving staff. The serving staff will be notified when the orders are ready, so they can deliver them to tables quickly. Enactor’s touchscreen kitchen displays will help restaurateurs enhance customer satisfaction by delivering the correct orders in a timely manner.


Allergens support

Food allergies can be one of the more awkward challenges faced by restaurants in giving a consistent customer experience. With Enactor’s new functionality, waiters can view allergens, record them, and share them directly with the kitchen through the POS, enabling a safe and comfortable dining experience for everyone.


kcal labels

New calorie labelling rules require restaurants and hospitality chains to be transparent with their calorie information. Enactor’s new feature helps restaurants and hospitality venues instantly check the calorie content of their menu items on the POS. This will not only help restaurateurs stay in compliance with government legislation but also help them offer more informed services to their customers.


Menu maintenance

In a fast-moving restaurant business, menus are likely to change frequently. This requires restaurateurs to make quick and frequent menu updates. Traditional, time-consuming menu adjustments will only hinder the efficiency of restaurant services. Enactor’s new feature makes it easy to modify menus quickly and conveniently. Restaurant managers or any privileged user can add “specials of the day”, remove menu items and make any modifications to the menus directly on the POS.


Dynamic price updates

Bid adieu to traditional, time-consuming price updates. Similar to restaurant menus, prices need quick and frequent adjustments. Enactor enables privileged users to edit prices, add discounts, or run promotions effortlessly. So, for example, if you need to shift certain foods before they go out of date, you can quickly lower the price as an incentive. With this new feature, restaurants can cut through the red tape to make price updates faster and offer the best deals to customers.

Enactor will be introducing more exciting features to the hospitality product soon. Stay tuned for further updates!

Take your omnichannel approach to the next-level with Enactor Hospitality.

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