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Published On: February 29th, 2024


Enactor Hosts Productive Three-Day Workshop for Lindex Technical Team

Enactor recently had the pleasure of hosting the Lindex technical team for a three-day collaborative workshop at the Enactor HQ! The discussions delved into crucial topics essential for the seamless rollout of Lindex’s pilot programme.

Here’s a summary of each key topic covered:

Infrastructure: In-depth discussions and hands-on sessions centred around the foundational infrastructure supporting the Enactor Next Generation POS system. Topics included server setup, networking configurations, and related aspects.

Kubernetes Mastery: A collaborative session on leveraging Lindex’s existing K8s knowledge and infrastructure for deploying the Enactor solution with scalability in mind, both for the present and beyond the pilot phase.

Front-End React Development: Focused on honing the skills for developing the Enactor POS system’s front end, emphasising the application of React.

Gift Cards Management: Training on the significance of gift cards in POS systems, covering setting up and managing gift card functionality within the Enactor Next-Generation POS, including processes like issuing, redeeming, and tracking.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamlining user access by configuring and integrating Enactor’s authentication system with Lindex’s infrastructure, ensuring seamless and secure login experiences across multiple applications.

The workshops furnished the Lindex technical team with insights and practical knowledge necessary for the successful implementation of their pilot programme with Enactor’s Next-Generation POS system. The sessions also included a standard support handover, focusing on processes, logging/monitoring, and common pitfalls.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the Lindex pilot, and we extend our best wishes to our client for the realisation of their ambitious plans!

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