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Published On: September 13th, 2022


The Importance of After-Sales Support From Your Vendor: The Enactor Onboarding Framework

Investing in a new Point of Sales (POS) solution?

It’s a long and invested process selecting a new POS vendor so you’ll want to make sure you’re going to be well supported by your vendor once the contract is signed and the project is underway. At Enactor, we understand the importance for retailers to experience a smooth and efficient onboarding process that will enable them to get the most out of their investment as quickly as possible.

Enactor has designed a customer-first onboarding framework that aims to support the customer at every stage of the process with a particular focus on communication, training and robust project management.

Enactor got a pilot store up and running in just 6 weeks for UK fashion retailer, Jack Wills.


Kick-starting the project with a detailed handover

Before even talking with the client, the Enactor Customer Success Team will spend time with the Enactor Sales Team to ensure a smooth handover from the sales stage to project delivery. It’s important the Customer Success Manager (CSM) understands the client’s specific requirements and expectations. Every retailer works in a different way so challenges and requirements will vary from project to project. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer who has to face a lack of understanding of requirements between different teams within the vendor company.

It’s all about working together to get the best results as every retailer works differently and has different requirements. It’s important to understand this from the start and agree on a process to follow through on, the business tools to use, and a report-back/feedback mechanism that suits the customer. How often do the vendor and customer communicate? What’s the best platform to enable the customer to ask questions or raise issues? How does the feedback process work?


Setting a clear communication framework

Clear communication is vital.
We ensure that we have agreed with the customer on daily call times, weekly meetings and how the customer prefers to be kept updated on progress.

Conducting monthly steering meetings is important as well, one involving high-level directors and advisors who will want to ensure that the project is within budget and moving forward as per timeline, and another with project managers and customer success managers to discuss and update on the tactical stages of the project.

Fostering clear and effective communication between the customer and our CSM team is paramount for Enactor.


Turning plans into actions

Our Customer Success Team turns the requirements and outline plans discussed with the Enactor Sales Team into actionable strategies – ensuring we are investing in the right resource to be able to deliver the project to the customer, with plenty of conversations along the way to review and revise certain aspects until everyone is happy.

Each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will set clear and agreed goals and KPIs for the project delivery.


Flexible product training

Our training success relies heavily on our in-house trainers, all well-versed experts in giving technical guidance and programme delivery advice.

To start off with, a 4-day ‘Intro to Enactor’ course is held so that the retailers’ internal IT teams can experience first-hand the capabilities of the product. This can help them see brand new ways of executing tasks faster and better. This programme provides a perfect forum for Enactor customers and users to seek answers to their questions and raise issues – getting the most out of their new retail solution.

This training programme is highly flexible and can be held on the client’s premises or remotely. Remote training offers lots of business benefits for large retailers with teams located across multiple locations.

Following on from the ‘Intro to Enactor’ programme, clients looking to own the UI user experience can enrol in further training and learn how to make their own functional extensions and customisations.


Introduction to trusted partners

Depending on the size and level of IT support a client has, it may wish to draw on the expertise and services of a professional IT service provider. Enactor can introduce its clients to a trusted partner in their local region who can support all stages of the rollout.

This could cover configuration, testing, training and support – essentially filling any resource or knowledge gaps the client has.

Together with our global partners, we can offer a compelling combination of innovative software solutions and outstanding service delivery.


The Enactor Insights Portal

Detailed training documents, informative videos and how-to guides are all located in one convenient place available to our customers post-training. In addition, the Insights Portal houses further training courses, API documentation and a specialised reference environment that Enactor customers can utilise to the maximum extent possible. There is also a secure, protected area for customers and partners to collaborate in one place.

The Enactor Insights Portal is growing every single day so customers can become more self-sufficient with our model of retail independency.


24/7 customer support

And Enactor won’t leave you hanging after that either.
Once the project has rolled out, we can provide 24/7 dedicated customer support.

Our utmost priority is for our clients to experience a smooth onboarding process that will enable them to get the most out of their investment as quickly as possible.
A win for them is a win for Enactor!

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