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Published On: December 29th, 2021

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Say hi to Akalanka
A Development Manager and a Tech Lead at Enactor!

Akalanka plays a vital role for Enactor, where his technical expertise stretches from leading the Payments Team to the Identity Server Team. More recently, he has started working closely with UK tier 1 retailers who trade in some billion-dollar industries.

His work contributes to enriching the augmented Enactor offering. By having the diversity of skills such as Akalanka’s we can make our solutions eminently agile, futuristic and the best of class!

His talents don’t stop at just system development and algorithms. It extends to gaming, superhero fiction and even anime. It is only fair to say that as much as Akalanka loves his coding, he shares an avid passion for fictitious entertainment as well!

If you’d like to join our exciting and innovative company, check out our careers page 👇

Meeting Akalanka !Meeting Akalanka !Meeting Akalanka !Meeting Akalanka !Meeting Akalanka !

Meeting Akalanka !


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