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Published On: March 25th, 2024


Redefining Grocery Retail With Enactor’s Unified Commerce Solution

In Grocery Retail, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up with the times – it demands innovation, agility, and a commitment to Unified Commerce. Welcome to the world of Next-Generation Grocery, where Enactor emerges as an industry-disrupting leader, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to transform the shopping experience.

Enactor stands at the forefront of Unified Commerce, redefining how Grocery Retailers operate with its cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS), Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), Self-Checkout, Order Management System (OMS), Payments, and more.

Let’s delve into how Enactor empowers Grocery Retailers to move faster and deliver unified capabilities in their stores.

Unify the Channels: Enactor pioneers the integration of channels through a single platform of APIs and applications like POS and Self-Checkout, enabling Retailers to seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline experiences.

Deploy Changes Faster: With Enactor Grocery, Retailers can leverage MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) technologies to iterate and deploy new features rapidly, bypassing the constraints of slow legacy upgrade processes.

Enable Your Developers: Enactor’s open architecture empowers Retailers to harness their internal development teams, facilitating swift customisation and adaptation to evolving market demands.

In an era where so many Retailers are stifled by legacy technology, Enactor heralds a new age of modernisation in Grocery Retail. Unlike traditional systems rooted in outdated technology, Enactor offers a forward-thinking solution tailored to the demands of today’s dynamic market landscape.

Why Choose Enactor for Grocery?

Speedy Transactions: Optimise operations with streamlined transactions and dynamic promotions, minimising customer and staff friction.

Highly Flexible & Easy to Integrate: Seamlessly integrate new features and services with Enactor’s open architecture, ensuring adaptability and scalability.

Powerful Promotions Engine: Drive sales with a robust promotions engine that offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation. One Platform for All Apps & Functions: Consolidate operations and reduce costs with Enactor’s comprehensive platform, spanning POS, Self-Checkout, and more.

What are Enactor’s Capabilities in Grocery?

Convertible Self-Checkout Lanes: Flexibility meets efficiency with Enactor’s ability to switch between Self-Checkout and fixed POS setups seamlessly.

Headless POS: Customise the POS interface independently of the underlying application, leveraging a rich set of APIs for unparalleled flexibility.

Choice of Architecture: Tailor the platform to your needs with options for fully cloud-based, edge computing, or hybrid architectures.

Flow-Based Architecture: Simplify process orchestration with intuitive, drag-and-drop tools for seamless integration and automation.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Enhance performance and reduce costs by leveraging Enactor’s support for multiple operating systems, including Android.

Configuration-Driven Customisation: Adapt to changing needs on the fly with configuration-driven changes, minimising development overhead and maximising agility.

International & Fiscalisation Support: Navigate global markets effortlessly with Enactor’s support for diverse fiscal requirements across numerous countries.

Enactor is a transformative force in the world of Grocery Retail, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth in an increasingly competitive landscape. Embrace the future of Grocery Retail with Enactor and unlock the full potential of Unified Commerce.

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